Food for thought.....
Even meat that is labelled ' outdoor bred/ reared' 'Free range' or ' Freedom Food' can come from pigs that have spent less than 20% of their lives in the fresh air.

At Log Home Farm our priority is to deliver high quality meats and produce most of which is reared here on our fully working Soil Association registered farm, our beef comes from our very own pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd, raised on grass free from fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides, just as nature intended, using traditional farming methods and husbandry, as does our pedigree Rare breed Ryland sheep, producing beautiful lamb.


As a Soil Association registered farm all our livestock complies with very strict guidelines, these assure our customers that not only the meat is of the highest quality but that the animals are kept correctly, and are not given antibiotics routinely, the grass they are grazing is not sprayed with a dangerous cocktail of chemicals, Log Home Farm is also a Farm Assured Farm, we carry the British Red Tractor symbol, this assures quality meat.

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